Awesome place is an indoor playarea for kids based in Malls of Bengaluru, offering various Drop your kids & Shop facility in their centers. Equipped with CCTV camera’s, safety belts, biometric controlled doors – provides a safe and secure place for kids for their entertainment and fun. The drop & shop option is available for kids aged 2 to 9yrs. We have various workshops running on the weekends which kids can participate, look at our facebook page for upcoming events – Painting, Story telling, Clay moulding, Bubble show and some more. We ensure any child entering our premises goes happy and wants to come back again giving their parent’s the space and time they need to tick off their weekly grocery and shopping needs.

Time slots are 30min, 60mins and more if anyone wants to get extended. We have a flexible membership options for regular visitors, it saves them per visit cost and also give them the flexibility to venture out new malls where Awesome place is based.

So next time please pick and choose a mall where Awesome place is based, so you and your kids can both have fun being out in a mall 🙂