Our after school activities have been carefully picked up in collaboration with industry experts to ensure the best exposure to your child. Each session is carefully crafted for young minds to open up for exploring various subjects, be it art, music, crafts, expressions through theatre, or developing a young verociuos reader through our book club meetings.

Rythm & Ryhme: “ (Music & Movement) ”

Instructor: Poorvika
Description: Rhythm n Rhyme classes encourage musical and creative development, plus foster language development, physical coordination, cooperative play, socializing and listening skills. They stimulate learning through play, music and fun. In the BUGS sessions, parents join their children in the fun exploration through songs and music.Age Group: 6 months to 3 years
Select the date, time and pay Select the date, time and pay Rs.3,000/- to pre-book for 10 sessions.


Book a trial session for just Rs.350/-

Booklings Juniors : “ (Book Club) ”

Description: Booklings Juniors is a book club for children who are in the early stage readers. This book club will expose them to different kinds of books appropriate for their age. Children will learn how to make the most out of the books that they reading through activities that help them improve their comprehension, critical thinking and the ability to use what they read. It is essential that children view reading as an engaging and productive activity from an early age. We attempt to develop such an attitude through fun and interesting activities.
Age Group: 4 years to 6 years
Fees: Rs.1000 per month

Science Club:

Description: It is important that children need to grow up as curious individuals ,ready to explore the world of science and technology fearlessly. This club will bring science home by introducing scientific concepts to children with household items and everyday events.They will start with simple experiments and move on to activities of increasing complexity.They will become comfortable with science and explore new ideas with confidence .Children will think out of the box and want to find answers on their own. They will learn to work methodically, follow steps precisely and experience the joy of discovery!
Age Group: 6 years to 10 years
Fees: Rs.1000 per month