Aren’t we all dreading to keep our little one’s busy? Believe me more than us, they are feeling the heat!

We are running out of reading material- since Amazon stopped our deliveries.

We cannot go outdoors as we want to keep elderly grandparents and others like them safe.

We enjoy watching non-stop youtube or netflix series – somewhere mumma says it’s not good for brain and eyes – so we cannot do that more than couple of hours.

We aren’t hungry as we aren’t buring out enough.

We have done too much of coloring and painting.

Toy’s don’t entertain us anymore and they aren’t enough to keep us busy.

Mumma looks tired and can play only for a while, and she had to get back to her work too!

We do help mumma with cleaning, dusting etc etc the little chores of the house – but that gets over very fast!

We are also left to get bored for few hours – because mumma read somewhere it’s good to leave kids to get bored 🙁

I have a sibling with whom I play and fight – so I’m busy for few hours.

I enjoy baking and making some yummy deserts, but we are also conscious now as we are using too much resources during lock down!

What do we do?

So mumma asked us to plan the day a previous night and we are planning a a day before and it’s so fun to make this list May be something you can try doing too.

It gives us a balanced approach(We are on-screen and off-screen both) of how to spend our time indoor’s. We go by the plan and organise our days – don’t forget there are hours of boredom in between where we don’t do anything and just lay idle on our bed or couch!

This has been working very nicely for us. Why don’t you ask your mumma to try this from us 🙂

I have attached my copy – send me your’s when it’s ready!

My list today has

  • Making organic slime
  • Play flipped by toing
  • Make a periscope by watching a youtube video
  • TV after 5pm – that’s usually my park time which I now spend watching Telly.
  • Play dumbcharads – We act like animals. movie or a play on TV
  • Learn some artwork on Udemy.
  • Do some magic tricks learning from Youtube
  • Video call to my friends and grandparents
  • Play hide and seek
  • and above all help with house-hold chores!