indoor games

Board games!

When you are bored, play board games, the tucked in games get’s pulled out during Summers every year isn’t it?

Candy Crush

We pulled out Ludo, Snakes & ladders, Candy Crush, Othelo, Chess and Tooing flipped(Hoarded over from birthday gifts and return gifts!).Very ideal for 3 to 9yrs kids. They enjoy not just the game but involvement of every member in the family in these games.

We found some amazing idea’s on the internet to get going too! Few friends shared what they are doing and a few idea’s came from Mum’s groups! Amazing to keep the family together and play. 

If you don’t have a board game, you can make one at home with A4 sheets paper. Listing down some ideas which can help mum’s out – There are several on the internet – the listed one’s are popular in my household – Do share if you have any!

A customised Snakes and Ladders game – It can be customised for your’s and your kid’s fitness, Healthy eating habits or any talent showcase. It’s super fun – as there are old school ladders and snakes and they can collect goodies and things-to-do along the way!



Paper fortune teller

This is an amazing one! Very popular in school and your child already knows about it. They love to play this again and again and of course when you play with them – they get super excited too!

Paper fortune Teller Instructions

Tic Tac Toe

Make your own on a A4 sheet, Use twigs, stones, similar looking pulses to play. Takes a min or two to make!


Passing the parcel

Very popular party game – Why not make it customised with your kids favorite music and play! The parcel can have – dance, dumbcharads, Acting,Doing a house chore, or just a bonus chit – Watch your favorite cartoon!

Tongue Twisters

She found the sea shells on the sea shore – Oh! That was a very simple one. But kids come up with amazing one’s probably have learnt it from school. Ask them! Show them these and make it fun for them!



Have you played riddles with them? I have bought a book – roald dahl long back on riddles – hooked them early now and we had few nights and evenings riddles sometimes from the book and at times created by kids! They are fun too, especially now my 6yr old comes up with some riddles on his own – They don’t make sense sometimes – but who cares, as long as we all are having a hearty laugh doing them 🙂


Try some of the above – to keep them engage for few hours in the day! You can have various versions of the above games – depending on what your child likes.

Have fun. Stay safe. Stay home. Stay Indoors. We are also waiting to open our indoor space for kids!