birthday party

So we attend a Birthday party – An amazing one, beautiful decor, best of the best food, carefully curated activities that kids would adore – such a fun filled happy birthday with friends and family and such happy kids. Every child exiting the birthday stops at the host and waits eagerly for their birthday return gift which is wrapped so beautifully. My kids are always first in the line and since I have two, the comparision usually starts the moment the wrapped gift is handed over to them. Sometimes the daughter is upset since she liked my son’s gift more than her’s, and son is upset as he got something which he think is best suited for girls. So in the end whether they want it or not, whether they need it or not, whether it’s of any use to them or not the gift enters our house one evening! Kids are so happily engrossed playing or using their new stuff and I get some time off while they are playing.

Next morning, the gift wrapper’s in bin, toy either broken into small pieces, or dumped in one corner in their toy basket with limping parts here and there, or makes its way to their next day entertainment. So here is the number of birthday parties we have attended and we had hosted and the glimpse of the collection gathered over a period of time!


With few years of birthday’s done and more to attend, I dread this wastage and dump, unable to influence kids to say No to such calamity we have been creating by accepting one-time use toys. I’m not recommending banning return gifts but they can be converted into something so useful and sensible for kids and parents Or a happy time at the birthday party is just so enough too, Mommies do not have to get under the pressure of return gift, believe me it is doing nothing good to the kids, it’s so momentary and ending up with such huge wastage. The best gifts that we have received so far, never gets worn out and created some beautiful memories between me and my kids!


Involve your child in picking up the gift, after the age of 4, we can easily take their help to pick up the right gift by giving the following options , involving them and forming the right habits!

  1. Books – Age appropriate, there some beautiful one available with reviews on Amazon!
  2. Craft material – Crayons, paints, school bags or any utility items
  3. Tupperware bottles, Dresses and T’s

Return gifts don’t have to take a massive toll on your birthday budget, but there are some sensible buys which I have done for kids on their birthdays and their friend’s birthdays. I have curated some lovely return gift options here. If you have any recommendations, please add it up too!

  1. Books – Age appropriate, you can get some amazing discounts on Amazon if you plan it well.
  2. A book library membership works amazingly well too – /www.
  3. Vouchers from play area’s – You can check it out here or similar playarea’s around you.
  4. High quality erasers, paint brushes, paints etc etc always in and never gets wasted.
  5. A gardening/pottery/painting workshop – takeaway the end product.

*I’m sure no one of us like the idea of clutter in our homes, let’s make our houses clutter free and dust-bins more happy! Share if you agree with my thoughts

Writer – Varsha Joshi, Director of Awesome Place(Runs kids Funzone and Kids events )