Kids indoor Playarea

A trip to your neighbourhood mall can cost you more than you have budgeted sometimes. A ponyride, a ride in the motorised car, a movie, a popcorn, Gaming zone trip , Indoor playareas for kids – the fun options are many for kids in the age group of 2 to 9yrs.  Most of these are impulse buy and doesn’t have any discounted offers too.

However you can turn around these impulse buy’s into a planned one, and have a fantabulous day out with kids in the malls without shelling out a lot from your pocket.

Most of these places are now online on various social media platforms, and portals – Look for them at , littleapp, Makemytrip, or their own facebook pages where they publish for offers. Sometimes a flat 25 to 30% off, which means a great savings without compromising on your child’s entertainment.  You can buy in advance as many as you want and redeem them on visiting. Believe me it’s a great deal of saving. Awesome place for kids have various offers online, so you can buy before you come, as these deals aren’t available at counters.–bangalore

Also look out for memberships of Awesome place, every visit which cost you over Rs.250, you can get it for Rs.180(inc Taxes) with their membership plans. These memberships once bought can be used across at any location of Awesome place too, that’s one Awesome saving!!!

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