The dreading news of early summer holidays nearly killed mum’s. It felt like a daunting task to keep kids engaged – especially with the parks closed, Bangalore indoor playarea’s closed, No kids activites , events or workshops, squeezed indoor spaces, parent’s working from home. It felt like we will not be able to move beyond cooking, feeding, cleaning.

I started the vacation with the same note, OK – let kids watch couple of youtube videos, a movie now and then. Well, we as parents started getting into the comfort of ‘Let them watch, so we could watch or do something substantial or just chill’. The 20 mins went up to 2 to 3 hours sometimes as we got clogged down with household chores , professional work or got into the comfort of easy parenting.

Somewhere – my workload started increasing too – the physical house load. 4 meals a day, juices, smoothies, coffee breaks and then loading more resources to fulfill this. Looking a tired mumma, my 6 yr old Neil, walked up to me and said – Mumma do you need any help? Are you ok? I said Neil – Can you do the jhaadu in the balcony and water some plants? I saw a huge resistance from him, obviously he didnt see it coming from me. I didn’t like the way the resistance came 😀 So I lifted him the 20 kgs boy up, made him water all the plants. We counted all the dried leaves on the floor and then splashed water on each other till we finished. Now every morning, the little monkey comes and tells me – watering plants and jhaadu is my job mumma hahahha!

Another incident, when my 8 yr old pushed me from my couch to look for bread recipe and made me do the bread! It’s tiring, but the joy of doing things together with kids is another level of madness!

So we had a house Pre-Covid which had run in an auto-run mode by kids (Thanks to Uday to set some rules)and helper to do dusting and cleaning

The bedsheets are folded, books are sorted, toys packed up and organised before going to school.


No schools, no outdoor time, the house still looks bright and organised, kids coming and asking their mumma for help, doing dusting, cleaning, watering plants and the most amazing part is no resistance and no bribes 🙂

Note to the parents –

If you are bossy and order, the work will be done, but there will be lot of resistance by kids or they will do it because they think they are left with no choice. You will have to work with them everyday.

If you are making it fun, by involving yourself and making it fun for your kids, the work still gets done and you will not have to push them everyday. You will have to work with them on the fun part just once.