A Boon Or A Curse During Covid-19

Screen time – How much and for how long?

The constant worry of every parent during this lockdown / holiday time. School’s are off, parks closed, indoor playarea’s closed – Kids are constrained to the four walls of the house. The time is tough for younger kids, who constantly needs guidance to play and directions on what to do next. This isn’t a big issue for kids who are self-starters – draw, paint, read or just do lot’s of pretend playing. Even for such kids – How much they can do this everyday – We are already locked for more than 30 days now. We run out of idea’s – with no screen time – It is a challenge for parent’s to keep going with their work.

I would suggest – Relax – You aren’t going to loose anything. Screen’s have advertently  became a part of everyone’s life now – let alone kids, The future generation, you cannot keep them away from screen’s while parent’s/grandparent’s are constanly hooked on to social media feeds for news or entertainment. if you are too worried – Let kids watch for few hours in a day, but have fixed schedules – a consistent start and stop time, monitor if they are watching age-appropriate stuff, content and learning driven stuff and you and the kids will be okay – Trust me!

I started browsing Netflix – Kids section and there were these wonderful series and movies for kids. My bored house started to look much better – I could hear laughter, could hear discussions around the episodes, could hear lot’s of stories and imagination around the watched episode’s and movies.

We hugged and watched together some whenever time permits, some I left them to watch by casting it on my Telly – keeping an constant eye on the episodes playing.

I felt it isn’t bad afterall, and as a parent we do not have to worry so much about their screen time. Yes, we have to worry about what they are watching without our knowledge, but if everything is curated and planned – then we need not worry much.

The other day, while we were gardening , my kids were telling me about how compost can be created – Credits – Peppa pig.  My daughter who is 8, spins up magic potions like anything with her own idea’s – Credit’s to the wizards she has been watching from Harry Potter movies. The two little kids, till date talks about how Daddy Pig has the biggest laugh and how stupid and funny he is. My little one’s language skills had augmented like anything. My kids have been coming up with amazing questions on compost, recycle, riddles, gravity, space, problem-solving, panic and recovery, anticipating the climax – It’s either the books we read or the movies/shows we watch!

The latest hit on our screen is *Puss in the boots*

“Fine, bring them along if you must. And my name is not puss. I have a very fine, revered name: Roland Archibald Whisperpaws the Fifth.”

Can this get more hilarious than this – You see your kids rolling on the floor laughing with Puss in Boots!

Jill: “Is it true a cat always land on its feet?”

Puss in Boots: “No! That is just a rumor spread by dogs!”

So here are some of our favorites list curated from my kids for your’s. My mommy friends helped me with few must watch! Available on Netflix, prime, on rent from Youtube.

  • Puss in the Boots – Movie and Series
  • Peppa pig -Kids as young as 4 can watch it too.
  • Harry potter – Kids above 8yrs
  • Inbestigators – to set them on some investigation trail – Kids above 8yrs
  • Lost in space – A family watch – Kids above 7+
  • Dr Doolittle
  • Mr Poppers penguins
  • Horton hears a who – Dr Suess
  • Lorax – Dr Suess
  • Also alll the Gruffalo animated series on Netflix
  • Dunston checks in – A family watch
  • The Parent Trap
  • Dalmatian movies 102 and 103
  • Avatar the last airbender
  • The worst witch – Age 8+
  • The good dinosaur – Age 4+
  • Matilda – Age 8+
  • Ratatouille

Green eggs and Ham – Dr.Suess