My beautiful journey as a Mum of two!

It is a beautiful, it is a lovely morning with my munchkins! They hug, cuddle, look for you and cuddle you more. They make you the happiest person in the world. The only thing that you don’t ever get to do in the busy morning is to have that hot sipping cup of Tea! There is always a hue and cry for more milk in the cereal, or a nature call in the middle of the breakfast, a jealousy which has just sprouted out as the other bowl had more milk or a bigger spoon. You end up juggling between packing snack boxes, to getting them ready and to also enjoy one sip of your Tea! I only wish for days to have a cup of tea with a book in hand or an interrupted meditation in the mornings.

Offlate, realized the only way to beat the time stress is to wake up a little early and get the most of your time when you are on your high! Now, i understood why my mother was the only one who was up so early in the morning when the whole world was snoozing away. A little bit of ‘me’ time takes you a long way! ?