Mother and Child

This program is for the Mother and Child, who loves to groove to Music. Even if you think your child is not, Try these sessions with your little one. They are just mind blowing!

I usually play rhymes for my little ones and dance a little bit with them every now and then. It is little unstructured and we keep shuttling between songs to pick the best one.

I have attended Rhythm and Rhymes sessions with my 2 year old and was totally blown away with the whole experience as a mother. My little one who is little shy was dancing away to glory and also I have seen him picking up those lovely rhymes so well.

The structured method of teaching through music is an experience in itself. My kids look forward to more sessions of Music and Dance. The best part is kids have learn a bit from these musical sessions and we all sing together at home those lovely rhymes and dance with actions taught in these sessions.

Kids learn to clean, share, coordinate, follow instructions and are in totally in tune with the music from a very early age.

As a mother, the biggest advantage I see is I could get to meet mothers in the local community.
Every mother who have attended these sessions, would love to bring their child again and again.

There are lot more implicit learning the program offers
– Little ones develop fine motor skills
– Rhyme patters build confidence
– Lot of implicit hand-eye coordination happens in the session with the help of material
– They all learn to play together
– Imitate others and learn from them
– A great interaction from kids of same age help them develop their early social skills.

A glimpse of how kids enjoyed the previous batch

We are starting off with a new batch mother-baby musical program on 24th June at Awesome place, Elements Mall.

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