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If you are in Bangalore and looking for a place where you as a parent can get a break and your child can get involved in fun and play then you need to head to ‘That Awesome place’ centers in bangalore. There are few centers in Bangalore where you can experience the similar type of fun, but I found those places, either very expensive – from food to venue and I would end up easily spending about 800 bucks just on one child or not too engaging for a long time. It’s good fun, but I cannot spend that kind of money on every visit if I have to frequent it more than 3 times in a month. The idea of such play centers is they are purely jumping, crawling and having fun.

That Awesome place, has lot’s to offer than just play for kids. It has a relaxing lounge for parents to sit and sip, Kids are being taken care of the lovely staff, the staff engage them in Art& craft, coloring, Lego’s and all the good stuff which a parent would be happy with. Spending just Rs.150 is nothing for such an experience. Also the food is affordable and healthy. The place is hygienically cleaned up with natural cleaning agents, which so superb to hear too!

Also Awesome place frequently do lots of events for kids, which is one thing you can look forward to attend to with your little ones!

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